For week stays Saturday to Saturday, arrivals are from 16h30 on, and departures before 10 a.m. For weekends, arrivals are if possible between 17h00 and 19h00 on Friday evenings and departures between 10h00 and 17h00 on Sundays.
Would you ask this question to a hotel? Seriously, for insurance reasons, the number of persons in each cottage is limited. In addition, the living space and equipment in the cottages has been designed and planned for a limited number of people. Therefore, we cannot accept any extra person. Only very young children sleeping in portable cots are accepted and insured (to a certain limit)
Even if we love them, we can’t accept pets (even small ones), because the two cottages are adjoining and for health and allergy reasons (it is impossible for us to clean and disinfect a cottage thoroughly every week or weekend). In addition no animal can remain unsupervised in the cottages, and for obvious reasons they are forbidden in the pool area. Therefore no animal is accepted, either in the 2 Brittany cottages ou in the lodge at Lac de Vassivière.
Green means it is vacant; orange means we are expecting a booking confirmation within 10 days ; red means no vacancy
The rate includes access to the wellness area (swimming poll, sauna, spa etc..) Extra charges are the tourist tax and electric consumption. Other optional charges are for bed linen and towels (respectively 9€ and 7€ ), firewood (5 euros for a bag), housecleaning (50 euros for Ty Lou and Ty Lac, 75 euros for Ty Tan). Regarding massages, the room is at your disposal, and you pay directly to the masseur.
Extra charges are: bed linen or towels (respectively 9 euros and 7 euros), firewood (5 euros r a bag), housecleaning (50 euros for the smaller cottages, 75 euros for the bigger one)
In addition to standard cottage equipment, we can provide portable cots, pushchairs, high chairs and drying racks.
The cottages provide full modern comfort : coffee maker, dishwasher, oven, ceramic plate, microwave oven in the kitchen, washing machine and tumble dryer in the shared laundry room.
For our cottages in Brittany, there are two separate deposits: one for the cottage, paid by cheque, one for the wellness area, paid by cheque or in cash. If you pay by cheque, you won’t have the keys to the wellness area. We will open and close it ourselves upon demand, within reasonable hours. If you pay in cash, you will have the keys and will be able to access whenever you want. People are more cautious when their deposit is in cash.
The swimming pool is covered and heated. The area is not heated but most of the time the temperature is nice. The sauna and Jacuzzi are also available all year round. The two cottages in Brittany have access to the wellness area. In practice, people in the two cottages respect the others’ privacy, as long as they do not stay too long. It is also possible to book time for the sauna or Jacuzzi.
From the moment you receive the contract, you have 10 days to confirm your booking by sending us 30% of the rate and the signed contract. The balance is due one month before your arrival. If you book in the month before your arrival, you need to confirm your booking sooner. Payments are made by cheques or credit card.
If you cancel more than one month before, we keep the downpayment until someone else books for the period you had chosen. If we find someone, we reimburse your downpayment. If you cancel in the month before the period, we keep the downpayment until someone else books for the period you had chosen. If we find someone, we will reimburse you proportionally to the number of days. If we can let the cottage for the same number of days, we reimburse you 100%. But if we can only let it for 4 days when you had booked for a full week, we will only reimburse you for 4 days.
Smoking is prohibited inside the cottages, but you can smoke on the patio where ashtrays are available.
see our general terms and conditions or download our general terms and conditions
We are a forty something couple, and we renovated this old farm ourselves to turn it into cottages. We are a small family business, which may be why you got interested in our offer: we are real people. We like to share, to host, and occasionally chat with our guests at the Tykern bar beside the pool. The cottages are not our main activity, we both have a job. We have simply created this place in our image, and as a place where we would like to spend a holiday. We hope your stay will give you the same pleasure we had imagining it. As for Ty Lac, it is our own holiday resort where we go to revitalize ourselves.